What is a Worship Residency, exactly?

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This coming Fall I’ve been selected to become a worship resident at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas.┬áThe Austin Stone is a church serving about 7,500 weekly attendees at 7 locations in the city of Austin – a place where 7 out of 8 people do not attend a church. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to serve God in a place where faithful gospel witness is dearly needed. For more details on the church you can check out their website here.

When I first began looking into the position I thought the same thing that’s probably running through your mind – what is a worship residency, exactly? I’m glad you asked. I’ll start by sharing the Austin Stone’s vision for the worship residency:

“The Worship Residency program is a two-year residency for young worship leaders who want to grow in both the spiritual and practical implications of their ministry.┬áThis program provides leadership experience and pastoral growth as well as musical, theological and character development. In addition to being a part of our team, residents go through our Leadership Development Program and are paired with a Worship Leader at The Austin Stone in a mentor-type relationship that helps foster personalized growth throughout the two-year period.”

The residency will provide a safe place for me to do tangible, meaningful ministry in the city of Austin while equipping me for future ministry full-time at a church. Here’s a few specifics that I will be doing during the time of my residency:

  • Being discipled and trained by a full-time worship pastor at the Austin Stone, Logan Walter. Logan is a Godly, talented guy who loves his church and his family. I’m excited to learn everything I can from him. More info on him here.
  • Leading worship for Austin Stone Students and Austin Stone Kids (the student ministries) at one of the church locations.
  • Helping facilitate worship at events, conferences, and mid-week services.
  • Coaching a group of men through Austin Stone’s Men’s Development Program and discipling young men in the church.
  • Participating in a musician development program that will help me to grow and mature as a musician from world-class musicians in Austin.

I believe the worship residency at the Austin Stone is the best way for me to be a faithful steward of my potential as a worship leader. I will be challenged to grow and mature in my abilities while doing real, meaningful ministry in the city of Austin. I am very excited to have been accepted to this position and ready to work hard to become the best worship minister that I can be for God’s glory! The residency is a support-raised position, which means I’m looking for people to partner with me in ministering to the Austin community and investing in my future as a worship leader! You can give here.

I explain more here about my decision to pursue worship ministry and how that decision led me to the Austin Stone. I’d appreciate your prayers and encouragement as I move forward in this process. Thank you!

– Brett






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