Ten Values That Are Shaping My Students Worship Band

My worship band is special. Seriously. I know that everybody thinks their band is special (sort of like the way a parent always thinks their kids are the best), but I really mean that my worship band has been a gift from God. Shortly after I moved to Austin, I was told that I’d have to assemble a worship band to lead with me at our North Campus Students ministry. I was absolutely clueless – how am I supposed to form a band in a city where I know so few people? 

I prayed for God to send musicians my way. Within a few weeks I had a hodgepodge of guys who had never met each other, but who all seemed to be able to play their instruments, and who all seemed to want to use their talents to worship God. I had no idea of their skill levels, or how long they would want to stick around. I had an audio guy who had never touched a sound board, but who was willing to learn. In other words – we were all faced with a lot of unknowns. I mean really, was this gonna work out?

It did.

I can’t explain why, but by God’s grace that hodgepodge of guys turned out to be a mini dream-team for me. They have proved faithful, hard-working, and talented. But it got me thinking – what about this group makes them special? What attitudes and values have we been implicitly living out that have made us the way we are as a band? 

So I started writing down things about my band that, I think, make us special. I came up with ten things that I think set this band apart with the hopes that, in writing them down, these values would become explicit rather than solely implicit among us. These are some of the things that we want to continue to value and develop moving forward as a band.

In this post, I’ll share the ten values that are shaping my band. Some of them are borrowed from the Austin Stone Worship Manifesto , but have been repurposed for the context of my band.  In posts to come, I’ll try to describe each value in detail.


  1. We are passionate worshipers throughout the week. 
  2. We choose servanthood over stardom.
  3. We value character over competency.
  4. Jesus is in control, and he is the true Worship Leader.
  5. We will fight for contentment in every circumstance.
  6. We’re thankful for our roles in the band.
  7. We are primarily brothers in Christ, and then band-mates.
  8. Development is our heartbeat.
  9. We’re passionate about making passionate worshipers.
  10. We strive for excellence in everything we do.