Value #1: We Are Passionate Worshipers Throughout the Week

In my last post, I listed 10 values that are shaping my students worship band.  I’ve loved being a part of this group of guys, and so I set out to list some of the things that we want to continue to value and develop moving forward as a band. My hope is to develop a culture among us that glorifies God and serves the students that we lead well. In this post, I’ll try to describe our first value.

Value #1: We are passionate worshipers throughout the week. 

I’ll begin by explaining what I don’t mean. I don’t mean that my band and I are aiming to constantly sing, raise our hands, and expressively gesticulate in a religious fashion throughout the week. I also don’t mean to imply that this value takes preeminence over the other nine values because it comes first on the list. It doesn’t.

With that being said, here’s what I mean by saying that we aim to be passionate worshipers throughout the week:

None of my band members or I come in to lead music for a service and expect to be able to flip a switch to go into worship mode, as if we can somehow summon up a sense of “worshiply-ness” about us that wasn’t there before. Passionate worship isn’t something we muster up in the moment of a song, it’s something we’ve been incubating, fostering, and living out through the entirety of the week. We rightly want to recognize that our time of worship is a weighty occasion (there’s a gravity that comes with singing praises to the Lord of the Universe as a collected body of believers), but we also don’t want to pretend that our lives outside of those moments of corporate worship are any less important to God than the moments inside of it.  We want to recognize that what we are doing is incredibly significant without neglecting the fact that our character outside of corporate worship is just as important as our demeanor inside of corporate worship. We want to passionately worship Jesus in absolutely everything we do, not just in the way we lead through music.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV)

All of our lives, every nook and cranny, are meant to be filled in worship to God. My band and I want it to be apparent that we’ve been worshiping Jesus in the way we live throughout the week, not just during a Sunday worship service. We want everything we do to ring out in praise to God – in our private devotions, in the way we conduct ourselves at work, and in the way we treat our friends, family, and roommates. Even the incredibly mundane moments – driving to work, buying groceries, or changing diapers (for some of my band-mates that’s all too real!) – we recognize that every moment of our lives is a chance to passionately worship Jesus in our thoughts, deeds, and attitudes. Ultimately, our Sunday worship service is a continuation of what we’ve been doing all week long.

We are passionate worshipers throughout the week.