My Next Step: Transitioning From Austin Stone to Citylight Lincoln

The second year of worship residency at the Austin Stone is a time when us residents are trying to pin down the “next step” of our lives as worship leaders. Where should we look to serve long-term after the residency, and in what capacity? In what type of church should we seek to serve? Who should we seek to serve alongside? When, exactly, should we transition out of residency?

I’ve asked all these questions, along with my supervisors, and we’ve come to an exciting, conclusive decision as I’ve looked into several job opportunities over the past few months. Beginning in late October, I’ll begin to transition out of my position at the Austin Stone and begin working in November as the Worship Director at a church called Citylight Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska! I’m super, super excited for this transition, and look forward so much to serving on staff there!

To help inform everyone of the transition process and on the position I’ll be stepping into, I’ll structure the rest of this post in a Q & A format:

Q: What is Citylight Lincoln, and what will your role there look like? 

A: Citylight Lincoln is part of a group of churches planted out of Omaha, Nebraska. The Citylight family currently has five different church locations throughout Iowa and Nebraska. The Citylight Lincoln church was planted a little over a year ago with the vision to “glorify God by multiplying Jesus-centered disciples and churches.” My specific role on staff will be as Worship Director. I will oversee all things music and worship-related, as well as invest in and raise up future worship leaders for future church plants. I look forward to joining with the current staff in helping shape the overall vision and culture of the church! 

Q: What type of position have you been looking for during your residency? 

AI’ve been looking for a position as a Worship Leader. Essentially, I want to pastor people by helping them to know and love God more through music. It’s important to me that I work for a church that I agree with theologically, who has a solid leadership that I can see myself laboring alongside long-term, and that is in a city/location that I enjoy.

Q: What made you choose Citylight Lincoln?

A: I visited the church in Lincoln several weeks ago to meet the staff, learn about the church, and lead worship on a Sunday. After many conversations with individuals on the church staff and in their leadership, I felt strongly like things “clicked.” I was totally on board with their team, their mission, and their vision as a church. I also love the Midwestern, college-town culture of Lincoln. I left my visit feeling like it was a no-brainer to accept the position! 

You can learn more about the church by clicking the link to their website here.

Q: What do your supervisors at the Austin Stone think about you leaving your residency early?

A: I have five supervisors who oversee my worship residency. All of them agree that this is the right time and place for me to transition out of residency. Their goal is to send us residents out to serve where we believe God is calling us – so they’ve been incredibly supportive, encouraging, and helpful in both the decision process and in my transition! The Citylight churches have had a strong connection to Austin Stone over the years, so my supervisors have been excited to see me transition and serve at Citylight. 

Q: How do you feel about leaving Austin?

A: I have had the privilege to serve alongside so many amazing people in Austin, and I will miss them so much! I’ll particularly miss the Austin Stone Worship staff team, my North Campus Students worship band, and the close friends that I’ve lived with and grown to love over the past year. I’ll also miss the incredible food in Austin. 

I’ve learned and grown so much over the past year, and I’m so thankful for my experience here! I’m sad to leave, but excited for the new friendships and new opportunities that lie ahead in Lincoln! 

Q: What does your transition from Austin Stone to Citylight Lincoln look like, specifically? 

A: I will be transitioning out of residency in late October, and hope to move to Lincoln to begin working in November. 

Q: Where will you live in Lincoln? Do you have any friends or family there?

A: I don’t have any relatives in Lincoln, but I already feel like I have a lot of friends there! The time that I spent visiting Citylight assured me that there were lots of people in the church that I would be able to form deep bonds of friendship with. Beyond that, I felt like a member of the Citylight church family from the moment I stepped off of the plane during my visit! 

I’m currently planning to live in a house in Lincoln with several other Christian guys in a similar stage of life as me. Very similar to the way I’ve been living the past 8 or so years. 

Q: What does this mean if I’m supporting your residency financially? 

A: Your payments will automatically be turned off at the end of my last month of residency (October). Please do not end your support until I officially transition out of residency! Your support has meant the world to me, and has opened up so many doors of opportunity, including this job at Citylight. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


This is the part where I thank YOU…

There are so many people who God has used to be an incredible part of my residency journey. I wish I could name every individual specifically, but please find where you fit in this list, and know that I’m thinking of YOU as I write these words.

  • Thank you to my family members who gave sacrificially to see me pursue the things that I believe God has called me to – both in giving me your blessing to move across the country and in helping me financially along the way. Being away from you has made me realize more and more how much I love you.
  • Thank you to the Austin Stone Worship staff team, past and present, who have taught me so much about faithfully leading worship. I still cannot believe that God allowed me to be a part of this staff family – you are a daily reminder that God always gives me so much better than I deserve.
  • Thank you, Logan, for taking me on as your resident. You have no idea how much I respect you, and how much I hope my life and ministry looks like yours moving forward.
  • Thank you to my North Campus Students band, who have been the epitome of faithfulness in serving our Students ministry. You have been my favorite part of residency, and God has given me so much through you. You have incredibly bright futures ahead of you because God is writing your story, and He’s not done yet.
  • Thank you to the guys & girls at Providence House who have made Austin feel like home. I was able to be myself with you from the first day I moved in. You are my best friends and I love you.
  • Thank you to my church family in Illinois who have prayed for, encouraged, and supported me during this residency so faithfully. You reminded me that God had something in store for me before I knew what it was or where I was heading.
  • Thank you to so many of my friends who gave their time, energy, and resources so that I could have the strength to continue here. You prayed, or gave, or took a minute to encourage me, or did any combination of these things at some point in my journey, and it put a fire in my bones. In the process of carrying out these things you have become such a big part of the story God is writing for my life. You know who you are.
  • Thank you, God, for being the Author of my life and for being really, ridiculously kind to me always. But that’s just the way You are. You’ve been good  even when I haven’t seen or acknowledged it. Every good gift, every reason for saying “thank-you” that comes out of my mouth, is from You. You’ve invited me into a story so much better than I could have ever dreamed of, and You’ve only just begun.



***If you have any further questions about my residency or the position I’ve taken at Citylight Lincoln, feel free to message, call, or shoot me an email! I’d love to chat!