Citylight Lincoln Worship Values

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)


As a worship family at Citylight Lincoln, we want to embrace a vision that propels us to engage in worship, media, and art in a way that honors God and serves our people well. With that in mind, we’ve adopted a mission statement and five values that we hope will allow us to honor Jesus in everything we do.

OUR MISSION: To serve our church family by helping them to know and love God more through music, media, and art. 

1. We choose servanthood over stardom. 

We choose to see ourselves as servants both on and off the stage. We believe that the only person who deserves a platform, audience, or spotlight is Jesus Christ.  Our purpose is to direct glory away from ourselves and toward Jesus in every way possible. We plan, prepare, and practice for Sunday in a way that serves our people well – that they may be led in engaging, undistracted worship of Jesus. We are motivated to serve out of love for Jesus, and out of love for our people. We want our hearts to break for our people to know and love Jesus more, and so we seek to serve them in any way possible – beyond just playing music on Sunday morning. Like Jesus took initiative in laying down his life and serving us, we seek to take initiative in serving the people God has entrusted to us.

2. We value character over competency. 

We choose to be ruled by God’s Word. Therefore, we aim to have every facet of our lives, including our worship, be shaped by the heart of God. We lead from a place of humility rather than pride, from brokenness rather than being “the complete package.” We are broken, sinful men and women who belong to a holy, overwhelmingly kind and loving God. He sees our hearts, and wants them so much more than he wants our songs and skill sets. We care far more about the inner person than an outer performance.

3. Development is our heartbeat. 

We always seek out opportunities to develop ourselves and others. We never “arrive” or make it to a place where our growth as men & women of God or as musicians is complete. Because God is always at work in us, we are always a work in progress. We actively seek out opportunities to develop our character by investing in the life of our church (Citygroups, Sunday morning gatherings, etc.). We are committed to developing as musicians by practicing our instruments, growing in our knowledge of music & music theory, and participating in events like Worship Team Nights and other training opportunities. As much as we desire to be developed, we seek to pour into others in our church family that they, too, may develop as musicians and followers of Jesus.

4. We are passionate worshipers throughout the week. 

None of us come in on Sunday morning and “flip a switch” to go into worship mode. It’s apparent that we’ve been worshiping Jesus in the way we live throughout the week – in our private devotions, in the way we conduct ourselves at work, and in the way we treat our friends and family. Every moment of our lives is a chance to passionately worship Jesus in our thoughts, deeds, and attitudes. Sunday morning is a continuation of what we’ve already been doing throughout the week. We seek to passionately worship with our body posture, demeanor, and with the way we sing on Sunday morning. We believe that our posture in worship sets the tone for the entire room. We believe our God is worthy to be worshiped with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength – and so our passion for Him is evident in the way we worship on Sunday morning, and throughout the week.

5.  We strive for Godly excellence in everything we do. 

We want to do everything that we do for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:13). We don’t expect perfection from each other, but we encourage one another to do our best every time we prepare, practice, or lead worship. We value each other’s time and commitment by coming to practice and worship on Sunday prepared and ready to serve. We work outside of band practices to learn songs and develop our skills. We recognize the potential in each other and seek to draw it out of one another in healthy ways. We feel comfortable doing this because ultimately excellence isn’t about us – it’s about God being glorified through our music. We believe that God delights in using our hard work to bring himself glory and to bring us joy.